Erie Shore® Blue Gray Web Wall
Erie Shore® Buff Split Ashlar
Erie Shore® Gray Split Ashlar
Erie Shore® Buff Web Wall
Erie Shore® Blue Vein Split Ashlar

Color: Buff or Buff with Blue Gray accent or Gray to Blue
Sizes: 4″ (+/-1/2″)
Bed Depth: 3″ – 7″
Heights: (80 percent min), 6″ – 16″ (80 percent min)
Coverage: 40 – 45 square feet per ton
Meets or Exceeds ASTM C 568 Standards for Medium and High Density Limestone

Laboratory Data

Modulus of Rupture (average): 9,340 PSI dry condition

Absorption (average): 0.8 percent

Specific Gravity: (average) 2.67

Density: (average) 166.5 (lbs/cu. ft.)

Geology: Ohio Limestone, Devonian